Corporate Office issued a Pre Notification letter regarding JTO(LICE) under 50% internal quota.

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“Congratulation to all SNATTA MH WARRIORS ”

Corporate Office issued a Pre Notification letter regarding JTO(LICE) under 50% internal quota.We consider this a success of Meeting between DIR(HR) and GM (Estt.) and our SNATTA Core team.We congratulate GS,President,Dy GS and AGS SNATTA and also entire SNATTA family for their rigorus effort towards conducting the JTO(LICE).

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SNATTA MH Team Effort And Success

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It was a joyous moment for Team SNATTA Maharashtra for their effort which results into addition of B.E. & B.Tech. Degrees in the online form filling of SRD of TTA.
Online form filling of  SRD TTA started at 1st Dec.  In the column of Education, there was option of B.Sc. Degree only in the Degree column. B.E./B.Tech. was not there. If any person having these degrees wanted to fill the form, he/she have no option of filling his/her education. And BSNL may have lose more knowledgeable candidate.
The issue was firstly raised and told by our Circle Treasurer Mr. Sagar Mate to our Circle Secretary Mr. Amit Naikade, who then writes a letter, gives personal messages to all G.S.(considering the necessity of urgency) of all Non-Executive,Executive unions and also Associations.As there was very less days remained for form filling, Our Circle President Mr. Datta Dubile-Patil took this matter very seriously and took the responsibility to deliver these letters to the respective leaders and was taking continuous follow-up. Our AGS Mr. Nishant Bhanarkar personally spokes with our alliance partner Mr. C. singh, General Secretary, NFTE. He gives assurance to look into this matter personally.
On the very next day, General Secretary SEWA Mr. N.D.Ram was in corporate office for this purpose. Mr. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS of BSNLEU also discussed this issue with GM(Pers.&Rectt.) And as per promise, Mr. C. Singh also gives guidelines to corporate office for necessary changes. Dy. GS SNEA, Mr. Adsul also gives their personal attention.Last but not the least our beloved GS Mr. Anup Mukherji and Dy. GS. Mr. Sunil Gautam also looks in this matter. So the team effort of Joint Forum of these Unions and Associations yields into modification in the online form filling of SRD TTA.
SNATTA Maharashtra gives special thanks to these leaders for their valuable help and prays for the same in future (JTO LICE) also.